Aviation Headsets

50 years ago two airline pilots started a business in a garage intent on inventing a new kind of lightweight aviation headset.  Sure, they’ve grown to be the leader in headset development and audio technology (how do you suppose Neil Armstrong communicated with earth from the moon?) having pioneered the lightweight headset, the mobile headset, noise-canceling technology and the personal speakerphone, but they never forgot their original mission statement: better aviation headsets.  So, while they have made advancements on other headset fronts, by no means have their aviation headsets lagged.  Now let’s take a look at the latest offerings in Plantronics aviation headsets. MS50 – An Industry Standard, this lightweight commercial aviation headset has been the product of choice for pilots for over 40 years.  Its reliability is unparalleled as it continues to serve the needs of current and future generations of pilots.  It can be worn with a headband (standard) or with an eyeglass clip (sold separately).  Providing a crisp, clear sound, it delivers greater clarity for in-flight communications.  Lightweight and comfortable, it’s easy to wear, even for hours at a time, and the acoustic voice tube provides the best transmission clarity among aviation headsets. MS200 – This ultra-light in-the-ear headset, the Plantronics MS200 commercial aviation headset combines a unique lightweight design and advanced technology to deliver the ultimate in comfort and reliability.  Its noise-canceling microphone enables clear, uninterrupted communications between you and the air traffic control tower. Its compact, under-the-ear design ensures a secure, comfortable fit for extended wear, yet is convenient to carry and stow due to its compact design. MS250 / MS260 – The new standard, the Plantronics MS250 (monaural) and MS260 (binaural)commercial aviation headsets have taken a proven design to set new standards in comfort and reliability for pilots.  The noise-canceling microphones enable clear, uninterrupted communications between pilot and air traffic control.  The over-the-head design offers a stable fit for extended wear and the M260 offers improved reception by blocking out more noise. The latest Plantronics aviation headsets are conveniently portable and easily stowed due to compact design, and all are FAA approved.  You can purchase these aviation headsets, or any other Plantronics product, at Headsets Direct or call them at 800-914-7996.

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