Plantronics EHS Cable Changes


EHS Cable Changes

The Electronic Hook switch (EHS) cables for the Savi® 700 (including Savi Office models) and CS500™ Series products are being refreshed.  The pricing and top level part numbers remain the same, though there is a change in the dash number and model number— see chart below. Since top level part numbers remain the same, the UPC code for the new models will stay the same as the old models. All new cables include support for the Online Indicator part # 65116-02 & part # 80287-01 (firmware v2.7 or higher).

Plantronics Electronic Hookswitch Cables

Old Model Old Part # New Model New Part #
APS-10 37818-01 APS-11 37818-11
APA-20 37819-01 APA-23 38908-11
APA-22 38908-01 APA-23 38908-11
APT-30 37820-01 APT-31 37820-11
APC-40 38350-01 APC-41 38350-11
APP-50 38439-01 APP-51 38439-11
APV-62 38734-01 APV-63 38734-11
APV-65 38633-01 APV-66 38633-11
APU-70 83018-01 APU-71 83018-11
RD-1 (no change) 78887-01 RD-1 78887-01

Click here for more Electronic Hook switch (EHS) cable information:

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