Working from Home with Plantronics Headsets

If you are just getting back on your feet, and the company says you can work from home, but you must purchase your own equipment to do so, here is a simple way of staying ahead of the game and being productive with your time and money.

The biggest component you will need is a corded headset with a noise-canceling microphone, and an amplifier box to be used with your home phone. Getting back on your feet is no small task, I commend all who try.

Before spending a dollar, you have to want to save a dollar.  Chances are we have what you need here at Headsets Direct with our Money Savers refurbished products. The beginning of everything is always about wise choices. To look at something used is not disdainful, it is smart. Someone has to drive the car off the lot new; I get to purchase it when someone is finished with it.  Headsets and amplifiers are the same thing. To start you out I would look at the work horses of the Plantronics industry. The corded headsets have been used for years, along with the amplifiers.  First look at the style you want to wear, over the ear or headband, if you choose headband, do you prefer monaural or binaural (one ear or both ears)?  I always prefer to have one ear covered, that way I can hear what is being said around me.  Some of the other specialists prefer having total concentration on the call by wearing a binaural headset, like an H261N refurbished headset.



66268-03 Direct Connect Cable So now that you have picked your headset, what you need to be able to do is take the brand of your phone and the model number through the compatibility guide.  For example my phone is an Avaya brand and the model is Partner 18D, so there are two different items that will work with my phone.  The least expensive is the 66268-03 A-10 Direct cable, and the other item is a refurbished M12. When using the 66268-03 cable, this plugs into the headset jack on my phone; the other end has a Quick Disconnect that will plug into my phone. The cable is limited to what is pre-programmed in your phone itself, volume and hearing.  If I choose to go with the M12 amplifier it is a little bit different, the short pigtail plugs into your handset jack on your phone, NOT into your headset jack. Your handset cord will plug into the back of the amplifier.  If you have any concerns you can always watch the Plantronics M22 Video with step by step instructions on how to set it up.  The M12 amplifier will give you the advantage of being able to mute your client while you are on the phone.  You can adjust your volume for hearing and the loudness of your voice going through the microphone.

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