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Plantronics, the leader in wireless headsets (Savi)…

Question:  What are some features of the Plantronics wireless headsets that set them apart?

Answer:  Well, we could talk about 50 years of being a leader in headset design and performance, the ease with which their wireless headsets integrate with most phone systems, they come in styles to fit every need, and did we say unified communications.  Yes, the reasons are many and varied.  Let’s briefly consider these points, and others, that set Plantronics wireless headsets apart.

“That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind”.  By the time Neil Armstrong uttered those now famous words (yes, on a Plantronics headset) Plantronics had already spent several years in designing quality headsets for the aerospace industry (they were the first headset in space).  When they began designing headsets for the office and residential market, they quickly became the industry leader in the headset market.

By the time wireless headsets gained in popularity, Plantronics had established itself as the benchmark in quality and innovation.  Today they continue to lead the way in wireless technology and innovation with voice dedicated 1.9 GHz frequency that eliminates wireless interference, 10 hours of continuous talk time that gets you through your busiest day, 300’ and beyond of roaming distance so you stay connected at all times, to name a few.  Plantronics wireless headsets have over 90% connectivity with all brands of phones.  With convertible, headband and over-the-ear style headsets you’re sure to find one just right for you.  Their latest Savi line of Plantronics wireless headsets designed for the new unified communication technology allows the user to switch seamlessly between their landline phone, computer and mobile phone, opening up limitless multimedia applications and all this at the touch of a button.  So, once again they find themselves in the forefront of cutting edge wireless headset technology.

So, check out the latest in wireless technology at or call one of our headset specialists at 800-914-7996 to help you see what Plantronics wireless headsets can do for you.


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    • You can only listen to music from your computer using your W720 headset. The W700 Savi series wireless headsets do not support A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) for audio streaming from a cell phone.

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