5 Things to Consider When Buying a Corded Headset

Do you think you are efficient?  Are you playing the game with your head that you have gotten everything done today that could have been done? I found that minutes were adding up throughout my week, based on my time spent on NOT being efficient, which means about two hours a week. One hundred twenty minutes wasted on not getting my work done.

Time to change the way it was, to the way it will be:

  1. You want to talk to a reputable place of business, so I called a place that sells headsets. Wow, so much to think about, and so much to learn.  They were very concise about what would work and what wouldn’t.  They needed the brand of telephone, model number, how many lines I have coming in, and is it noisy or quiet.  It was a very professional team that works there.   I was given the options of what I could use. I looked up their web address so that I could see the product while it was being explained to me.  So the research has begun.  Some headsets work better with just a cable and some need to have an amplifier.

After a few late nights, this is what I learned:

  1. Corded headsets are less expensive than wireless headsets. They generally run with a two or three year warranty depending on the brand.  The models that are very basic will work for you but may not be what you need or want. So I start with the basics; how do I want to wear my new headset? I look at the styles for how and basically there are two general ways to wear a corded headset.  Sounds simple enough, but there are two styles to choose from.  The first is an over the head band style, with either a Monaural or Binaural (over one ear or both ears) headset.  The next style is over your ear sort of like a Bluetooth.  With those in mind you now can choose if you want an ear bud in your ear canal a little ways, just in front of your ear canal, or a little speaker in front of your ear.

Amplifier or cable:

  1. With my budget in mind, I decided that I would use an amplifier instead of a cord. For the simple reason that this will allow me more control over the audio and speaker of the call.  I did go mid-grade on the headset and it is still less expensive than a wireless model.  It does have a quick disconnect on the headset that attaches to the amplifier.  If I have to leave my desk I simply disconnect and walk away.

Logistics of what is embedded in the headset:


  1. I have looked at what technology I want in the headsets. They need to have high frequency wideband.  This will ensure crystal clear calls and work well with my new phones.  The audio has to be premium, with enhanced stability.  I need a noise canceling microphone to block out sounds in the office from other sources.  With this headset planned out I know that my clients will never misses a word.

How necessary is your service:

So now I have the best corded technology at my finger tips. I have learned that the microphone should be placed as close to the mouth as possible. Adjust your headset to fit properly, or sit properly over your ear.  Make a few test calls to adjust your volume and hearing.  If your phone has a code that you can program in for the headset, then you will not have to lift the receiver for every call.  The headset comes with a clothing clip on the cord. This clothing clip doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it helps to reduce the drag of weight on your headset when moving around.  You will have about ten feet of maneuverability.  When the headset is on I feel better about whom I am and how I feel.  I am more confident answering the calls.  I look and feel professional.

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