What’s the best headset for 10-15 employees on a multi-line phone system?

Problem: I’m looking for good quality headsets for an office with 10-15 employees.  Some will not be leaving their desks but others will be moving around.  I have a standard multi-line PBX office phone system.  What do you recommend?

Solution: PBX (private branch exchange) is a broad term that covers many brands of office phones.  Knowing the make and model of phone is what’s necessary to find an exact fit but these guidelines should help you in your research.  First, we’ll consider corded headsets for your office phones.  An office phone will generally fall under two categories with regards to headsets.  The phone that requires an amplifier, such as Panasonic, Vodavi or RCA, and the phone that can use a direct connect cable, such as Cisco, Mitel or Nortel.

Plantronics’ most popular amplifier, the M22, is compatible with more than 92% of the office phones on the market today.  It is compatible with both single-line and multi-line phones, and features their patented quick-disconnect cable which allows you to select any number of their office phone headsets.  Regardless of what environment you work in or what style you like, with the M22 amplifier they’re sure to have an office phone headset to fit your needs.  A word of caution: some phones have a 2.5mm jack for headsets but Plantronics does not recommend routing office phone headsets through this jack since the power requirements are greater than this jack can put out.  Check out our office headsets or call one of our office phone headset specialists at 800-914-7996 to see what’s best for you.

Another corded solution is the direct connect cable.  You use the same office phone headsets but, depending on the make and model of phone, you can use a specific cable to connect your headset, bypassing the need of an amplifier (e.g. Cisco IP7960 uses cable # 26716-01).  Here you will need to know what phones you’re using since there are several cables to choose from.

Now, let’s briefly discuss wireless office phone headsets.  Have you heard of the Avaya Partner phone?  We bring it up because it’s unique among office phones.  It’s an analog system that can use the CS55H wireless headset without the need of a handset lifter or electronic hook switch for remote answer / end.  The CS55H’s unique connecting cable (TR-11) allows it to connect to the auxiliary jack on the bottom of the phone bypassing the need of the lifter.  What about wireless headsets for the other makes and models of office phones?  Most will require the handset lifter (HL10) for remote answer / end since you will be connecting the headset to your office phone through the handset jack of the phone.  You can choose between the CS line (e.g. CS55) and the Savi line (e.g. WO100).  There a few office phone models that can use an electronic hook switch (EHS) for remote answer / end, bypassing the need for the handset lifter (HL10), however, thus far the lifter has proved more reliable. You can check all our wireless headsets or call us today, 800-914-7996. Our sales team is ready, willing and very able to help.

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  1. I am the receptionist for a busy office with 3 telephone lines. If I use a headset and I am on the phone with a client, can other employees answer if another line is ringing

    • Your headset is tied to your phone. You can use the headset or handset for audio. Co-workers would need to answer other phones if you’re on a call, using your phone. I hope that helps.

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