Top 5 Best Selling Plantronics Headset Accessories for May 2011

1) Plantronics Black Ear Cushions (15729-05)The 15729-05 is a pair of ear foam pads that are used on most “H” style headsets. This is a necessity for upkeep on your headsets.




2) A10 Direct Cable (66268-03) – The Plantronics A10 Direct Cable connects with most “H” series headsets this does have a quick disconnect.  Please call for compatibility for phone.




3) Quick Disconnect Cord (26716-01) – The U10 Quick Disconnect is used on the M22 amplifier and most Cisco phones. You should check compatibility before purchasing. This does have a quick disconnect.




62796-014) Quick Disconnect Lock (62976-01) –  This Quick Disconnect Lock is a security device to help prevent headset theft. The lock attaches around the quick disconnect making it difficult to remove the headset cord from the amplifier coiled cord.



10757-005)  Background Noise Suppressor (10757-00) –  This is a voice suppressor that will attach to “H” series headsets. This is for office’s that become suddenly noisy. It will drop about 75% of the noise in the office.  It’s a great tool to have for the headset that is not already noise cancelling.




Replacing your Plantronics headset accessories is a great way to keep your headset performing at it’s best. When ear cushions tear, your voice tube get clogged or your wireless battery life isn’t what it use to be is the time to make your headset like new again.

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