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Plantronics CS510 Wireless Headset – New Version of The Popular CS351N – Available September 2011

plantronics-cs510-wireless-headset-systemPlantronics CS510 Wireless Headset System

Plantronics popular CS family is coming out with a new line to redefine the wireless standard – the CS500 series.  The Plantronics CS510 features a new monaural (Headband over-the-head with a speaker covering one ear) headset design, streamlined base and improved performance, all with the same dependability for wireless productivity that has made the CS series a best seller.  The Plantronics CS510 features a secure fitting headband for all day comfort weighting 72 grams, giving you up to 350 feet of range to roam your office, and a battery made to last all day with 9 hours of talk time.  The CS510 will work best in an environment where you spend many hours per day talking and require a secure fitting headset.  With one ear open, you can talk to co-workers and remain involved in your immediate surroundings.  With 350 feet to roam your office, you will find an increase in your productivity as you continue to talk as you walk to file cabinets or other need reference material during your call.  If you purchase the optimal HL10 handset lifter, you will be able to answer and end calls remotely on most phones.  This is another productivity booster because you now have the capability to be alerted remotely when you have an incoming call and you can immediately answer it while away from your desk.  Without the HL10, you could be down the hallway and miss the call, sending it to voice mail.

In summery the Plantronics CS510 wireless headset will provide a comfortable, great sounding, make for all-day talking, long range headset to increase your productivity and efficiency before and during telephone calls.  It’s easy to install, extremely durable and will provide immediate returns on your investment.

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