Which headset goes with my cordless telephone with Dect 6.0?

Problem: I just bought this newfangled cordless phone for my home that has the latest Dect 6.0 wireless digital technology.  It does everything short of polishing your shoes!  I know some of the older models used 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequency profiles and headsets worked fine with them but now we have Dect 6.0.  What cordless phone headset can I use for my phone?

Solution: Well, it’s not as complicated as you might think but before we talk about headsets for your cordless phone, we want to briefly highlight Plantronics’ cordless phone with a headset, the CT14.

What are some of the features of this nifty cordless phone?  Well, it’s a convertible headset – headband and ear loop included.  It has a maximum 300 foot range and the Dect 6.0 (1.9 GHz) digital technology so you can talk continuously for 10 hours on the rechargeable battery.  Installation is easy since it plugs into any standard telephone jack.  The remote unit includes a dial pad (Note: This unit does not have Speed Dial like earlier versions) and the base has a headset stand.  It supports Caller ID / Call Waiting (must subscribe with telephone company) and comes with a 1-year warranty.  Perhaps this may be just what you’re looking for so click Plantronics CT14 and check out what our cordless phone with headset, the CT14, has to offer.

Now, what about headsets for your Dect 6.0 cordless phone?  Our top of the line model headset for cordless phones would be the CS55H.  It’s a wireless headset and works with most, if not all, single line analog phone systems.

Here are some other features of the CS55H:  Hands-free freedom up to 300 feet, and up to 10 full hours of talk time.  It offers one-touch control over call answer/end, volume and mute.  Enjoy all-day comfort with interchangeable ear loops or headband options.  The voice-dedicated 1.9GHz frequency limits wireless interference and the noise-canceling microphone filters out background noises.  It also carries the Plantronics 1-Year warranty. For more click Plantronics CS55H.

When it comes to attached headsets for your cordless phone, it’s not that difficult.  This link contains the headsets that will work with your cordless phone: Cordless Phone Headsets.  I invite you to check all our models on the site but for now I will highlight a couple of different wearing styles.

M175C:  It has a 2.5mm connection for Mobile/Cellular/Cordless Phones.  It’s a convertible – wear as a headband or over the ear.  It features optimal voice clarity with noise-canceling microphone.  It has enhanced sound with microphone adjust switch and includes volume and mute control.  It comes with a 1-year warranty.

MX500C:  Made specifically for cordless phones and compatible with most of them (2.5mm jack).  In-the-ear design for stable fit.  Wind noise reduction technology.  It also features a microphone volume switch.  It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Our trained sales team is waiting, willing and wanting to help you with all your headset needs! (800-914-7996)

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