Gaming Headsets for Today’s Gamers

Have you got your game face on?  Good, because when you’re using one of the latest computer gaming headsets from Plantronics that’s all the effort you’ll need to put forth to get the full gaming experience! Do you want to know what makes these thoroughbreds so special?  Come along while we take a brief tour of Plantronics’ computer gaming headset stables.

GameCom 367:  Enjoy an intense audio experience with 40 mm speakers and a closed-ear design on this computer gaming headset. Communicate clearly with the noise-canceling microphone.  Tuck the microphone away when not in use.  Stay comfortable for long gaming sessions with the lightweight but rugged frame and specially designed earpods. Adjust the volume and mute the microphone, using inline controls.

GameCom 377:  This open ear computer gaming headset delivers rugged construction and vigorous sound.  A lightweight frame and specially designed earpods redistribute pressure for maximum comfort.  The open-ear design lets you catch all the in-game sound effects without losing touch with your surroundings.  When you’re ready for maximum communication, unveil the hidden, noise-canceling microphone boom to strategize clearly with team members.  To maximize your hearing pleasure, adjust audio levels using in-line volume and mic-mute controls.  When you’re done, just rotate and tuck the microphone boom inside the headset and chill out listening to your favorite tunes though your 40 mm speakers.

GameCom 777:  This computer gaming headset features Dolby headphone technology that delivers a rich 7-channel audio experience.  The included Dolby USB sound card is the only way to get the 7.1 experience.  If needed, an analogue connection is also provided.  The open-ear design keeps you connected to the game and your surroundings.  Concealed noise-canceling microphone boom stays hidden until you’re ready to use it.  Specially designed ear pods redistribute pressure for maximum comfort.  In-line volume and microphone-mute controls allow for easy audio adjustment.  This rugged computer headset makes your gaming experience hardcore.

GameCom P90:  Need a cool headset for your PlayStation3?  Communicate wirelessly with your friends and opponents.  Stay comfortable for long gaming sessions, thanks to the slim earloops and contoured eartips.  Charge the headset directly from your PS3 using the USB cable.  Quickly pair to your PS3 and Bluetooth phone using QuickPair technology.  Take phone calls from most Bluetooth-enabled phones.  Silence your chats or calls quickly with the easily accessible mute control.

Hey, you Xbox’ers out there!  Don’t feel you’ve been forgotten.  Plantronics offers four computer gaming headsets just for Xbox and one of them is sure to be just right for you!  Let’s take a look.

GameCom X95:  Enjoy immersive gaming and play in style, thanks to a closed-ear design, 40 mm speakers, and a sleek contemporary design.  You can tuck away the adjustable microphone when listening is all you want to do.  Stay comfortable with the specially designed earpods and headband.  Adjust the volume using convenient on-ear controls.  Connect easily to your Xbox 360® and TV.

GameCom X40:  Once again, 40 mm speakers let you get the best sound from your Xbox while you play in style, thanks to the sleek, modern, close-ear design of this computer gaming headset.  Communicate clearly with the adjustable microphone that you can tuck away when not in use.  You can stay comfortable during long sessions with the specially designed earpods and adjust voice and audio volumes, using on-ear controls.

GameCom X30:  Communicate clearly with other players with the repositionable noise-canceling microphone of this affordable computer gaming headset.  It’s ergonomic design and shake-proof fit, plus industrial strength construction, allows for hours of hassle-free wear.  You can adjust the volume and mute the microphone, using the convenient inline controls.  And finally, you can use with your Xbox 360 or Xbox (requires Xbox Communicator, not included).

GameCom X10:  This affordable computer gaming headset is a single earpiece headset that has a noise-canceling extended microphone to reduce the sound around you.  You can adjust the volume and mute the microphone with the convenient inline controls, and the plush ear cushion keeps you comfortable for long gaming sessions.  Use with your Xbox or Xbox 360 (requires Xbox Communicator, not included).

As you can see, Plantronics makes a computer headset for all your gaming needs.  So, are you ready?!  Give Headsets Direct a call at 800-914-7996 and start immersing yourself in the TOTAL gaming experience.

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  1. The Plantronics GameCom 777 is an excellent choice with it’s Dolby headphone technology giving you a surround sound experience.

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