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What are the advantages of using a phone headset amplifier versus connecting my headset directly into the headset jack of my phone?

What are the advantages of using a phone headset amplifier versus connecting my headset directly into the headset jack of my phone?

In a word: Enhanced Performance (okay so it’s two words).

Why do we say that a headset performs better through a phone headset amplifier? Remember that headsets, like all electronic devices, require the right amount of power to work properly. Generally there are two types of headset jacks on phones.  The first one is a simple ⅛” (actually 2.5mm) stereo type hole, usually located on the side of the phone.
The other type looks a lot like the clip that connects the handset cord to the phone (called an RJ9 connector).

Thanks for the obvious, so what’s the problem?

Let’s discuss that point briefly. From our own experience, and that gleaned from our many callers, the 2.5mm headset jack hardly ever puts out enough “juice” to meet the power requirements of Plantronics quality office headsets. Because of that, sound quality and performance suffers. The phone headset amplifier solves that problem.

Yeah but I don’t want to connect my headset through the handset jack.  I don’t want to have to lift my handset every time I need to use the phone. I’d like to benefit from the on-hook feature of my phone.

Plantronics to the rescue.

There is a cable available (#78333-01, designed by Headsets Direct) that can connect the phone headset amplifier to the 2.5mm jack on the phone. You’ll have the best of both worlds: on-hook capabilities and the amplifier you need to do business right*.

Sounds good but what about the other style of headset jack?

On phones that have the RJ9 jack, Plantronics has designed several cables that allow you to connect a headset directly to the phone without the need of an amplifier. These phones are designed for quality commercial grade headsets so generally have some sort of built-in amplifier. If in the event that volume or quality is still not what it should be, you can use one of Plantronics quality amplifiers. This, however, will require connecting it through the handset jack of the phone, hence lifting the handset to activate the hook-switch. You’ll have to decide if the trade-off is worth the extra work.

Thanks for the information, it’s been very helpful.  Lot’s to digest and…now I have to decide what model headset I like best.

Well, if you have problems making up your mind, give us a call at 800-914-7996.  At Headsets Direct customer service is #1.

*while this is a way to connect a phone headset amplifier to that style headset jack, make of phones as well as the environment in which they’re used may impact it’s compatibility and desired results.

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