Need 100+ USB Headsets? Poly DA85 & HW520 Combo $69.94ea
(Regularly $153.21) Call for details!

If you are looking for cordless phone headsets…

If you are looking for cordless phone headsets, Plantronics has several to choose from. We offer corded headsets and also a wireless headset for your cordless phone.

Cordless phone headsets provide hands-free safety and improved productivity. It will increase your comfort level and has superior call quality. Cordless phone headsets also have adjustable microphones for placement where you best need it. The headsets also include a clothing clip to help keep the cord out of the way.

The cordless phone headsets come in a variety of wearing styles. We carry cordless phone headsets for over the ear, under the ear, over the head and one that comes with an ear loop and a headband so you have two styles to choose from for the price of one headset.

All of the cordless phone headsets are single ear headsets and they have a 2.5mm connection on the end to plug into your cordless phone.  You can also use the cordless phone headsets on cellular phones, providing your phone has the 2.5 mm connection. The cordless phone headsets all have a noise-canceling microphone to ensure clear calls even in noisy environments.  The cordless phone headsets have volume control and mic control. The features are either on the ear piece or inline for your convenience.

We also carry cordless phone headsets in a wireless version for your cordless phone. The best thing about the Plantronics CS55H wireless headset is that you can answer from anywhere in your home with just your headset, you will not need your cordless handset to answer incoming calls. You will have hands free freedom up to 300 ft distance and the system gives you up to 10 full hrs of talk time. With just one touch of the button you can answer or end calls. The CS55H is a convertible headset, you will receive both ear loops and a headband, so you can choose the style you would like to use. The headset also has volume and mute control features. There are volume controls on the charging base also for fine tuning. The microphone is noise canceling to filter out background noise.

If you need help to make a choice for cordless phone headsets, please give us a call at 1-800-914-7996 and let one of our customer service experts give you a hand.

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