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Searching for a Wireless Phone Headset….

In the search for a wireless phone headset, you will have various options to choose from.  First of all, it would depend on if the wireless phone headset will be used on a corded phone or if the wireless phone headset will be used on a cordless phone, because Plantronics has different wireless phone headset models for different phone applications.  If you are using a single line cordless phone for home use, you can use the Plantronics CS55H wireless phone headset.  Unlike the regular office wireless phone headset models, the CS55H does not plug directly into the cordless phone base.  The CS55H wireless phone headset comes with a splitter that can be plugged into the phone jack at the wall and then you run the one phone line cable to the cordless phone (just like normal) and then run one phone line to the CS55H wireless phone headset base.  You can also just plug the CS55H directly into the wall jack without the splitter, if you have another phone jack available.  The Plantronics CS55H wireless phone headset is used in conjunction with the cordless phone to make a call, but does not rely on the cordless phone to answer an incoming call, you just press the button on the headset to answer and hang up.

If you are using a corded phone (has a corded handset receiver), it does not matter if it is a single line $20 phone from a retail store or if it is a commercial phone system that has multiple lines like Cisco, Avaya, or Nortel, you can use a wireless phone headset such as the Plantronics CS55, CS70N, CS351N, CS361N, WO100, WO200, WO300 and WO350 models.  However there are a couple of phone models such as the AT&T 3 digit model phones and GE phones that do not work as well with headsets, for some reason, these phones can make headsets buzz.

When researching a wireless phone headset, you will also see mention of an optional device called a Handset Lifter, the model is “HL10”.  The Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter is an optional device which is used with a wireless phone headset to answer and hang up calls remotely away from your desk.  With the HL10, you just press the “call control button” on the actual wireless phone headset itself to answer and end a call.  When you press the call control button on the wireless phone headset, the handset lifter will physically raise the top portion of the handset receiver, allowing the little button to “pop up” and give you dial tone.  When you press the call control button again to end a call, the handset lifter will lower the handset receiver, pressing the little button down to hang up the phone.  And just remember that if you choose not to get the optional HL10 Handset Lifter to go with your Plantronics wireless phone headset for a corded telephone, you will physically need to lift the handset receiver, set it off to the side, and then hang it up after each call.  So when purchasing a wireless phone headset, a handset lifter is definitely a worthwhile accessory to add on.  For more information on a Plantronics wireless phone headset or any other Plantronics products, please browse our website or give us a call.

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