Unified Communications explained for the normal Joe on the street

We’re sure that by now many of you have heard of Unified Communication (UC) and wondered: What’s this all about? You go online to get more information and you’re greeted with this: “An evolving communications technology architecture which automates and unifies all forms of human and device communications in context, and with a common experience. Its purpose is to optimize business processes and enhance human communications by reducing latency, managing flows, and eliminating device and media dependencies.” Right…so how can we non-geeks get a handle on this new way of communication designed to make our life more productive?

I guess the key word is “Unified.” (UC) brings together various ways to talk and listen to one another. It takes your phone and your computer (two different ways of communication) introduces them to each other and gets them to work together (sort of like a marriage counselor). And to make your experience truly rewarding, you’ll need a headset. That’s where Plantronics comes into the picture. Be they corded or wireless headsets, at home or in the office, Plantronics has just the right model to bring communication together.

Take, for instance, the new Savi WO100 from Plantronics, their new wireless multi-function headset. With the included cables you can connect the Savi WO100 to both devices and, with the touch of a button, seamlessly travel between your phone and computer. You can make traditional calls, computer calls using Skype*, conference the two together, do dictation using Dragon* naturally speaking, stream music from your Virgin online radio station, etc., etc., etc. Well, you get the picture. And Savi is just one of a complete line of Plantronics wireless and corded headsets designed especially for Unified Communications. And Headsets Direct is the place for fast, friendly and courteous service. Give one of our knowledgeable sales personnel a call and find out what’s new from Plantronics in Unified Communications.

*Headsets Direct does not endorse any particular brand over another. These are used as examples only.

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