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Plantronics headsets and compatible direct connect bottom cords and cables.

Problem: I purchased an HW251N telephone headset along with a 26716-01 headset bottom cord and it isn’t working with my Nortel phone.  Can you help me?

Solution: Plantronics manufactures a number of headset bottom cords that can be used with phones equipped with built in amplifiers (so you don’t have to purchase an amplifier) but you do need to get the correct cord for your phone .  Unfortunately, all the bottom cords look exactly alike; the difference is in the circuitry.  In your case, you ordered a bottom cord that will only work with CISCO phones.

So, how would the average person know which headset bottom to use with their phone?  First, you need to find out which make and model of phone you are working with, because your phone must be compatible with your headset and bottom cord.  There are two ways to determine which cord you will need. The easiest way is to simply call Headsets Direct and let one of our Customer Service Specialists look it up for you and make certain we have it in stock.  If you have any questions regarding the best headset for you and your work environment, they will be happy to help you with that as well.

Plantronics U10 Direct Cable 26716-01However, if you prefer shopping online, our website address is  Visit our “Compatibility Guides” and locater the make and model of your phone.  When the page for your phone comes up; click onto “view all” and you will see all of the Plantronics corded and wireless telephone headsets that will work with your particular phone. Once you have picked out a headset that you like, click onto the amplifier/bottom cord button located on the right in red print.  This button will list the options that will work with your phone. With some phones you will need to purchase an amplifier, and they will provide several choices for you.  With other phones you will have a choice of using an amplifier or a bottom cord, and you will find the correct bottom cord on the list. For most Nortel phones, the correct bottom cord is the A-10 cord (#66268-03).

The moral of our story is, just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a bottom cord by its picture. So contact Headsets Direct by phone or online and let us guide you through the headset & bottom cord maze.  Our goal is to find you a comfortable, quality, headset that suits you and your environment will also be compatible with your phone system.  If you are not delighted with your new headset, call us, we offer a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

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