Try the Plantronics Voyager Pro as a replacement for the discontinued Voyager 510

Problem: I am a truck driver and I need a new cell phone headset that can block out the wind and road noise.  I love my old 510 Bluetooth, but I understand it has been discontinued.  What do you suggest?

Solution: You are absolutely correct; Plantronics decided to take the 510 off the market. It was a great little headset, but they came out with some newer headsets with more advanced technology and they took a few of the older units off the market.

plantronics-voyager-pro-bluetoothSince the 510 is an over the ear unit, rather than just an in the ear style, take a look at the new VOYAGER PRO. The VOYAGER PRO is very similar in design to the 510; it has an ear piece that is made of a soft, flexible, rubber-like material, which conforms comfortably to most people’s ears, but it is lighter and has a more modern style.  Also like the 510, it offers WindSmart technology with acoustic fabrics and electronic filters to block intrusive wind noise.  The Voyager Pro headset actually has two noise-canceling  mics in the boom, plus an adaptive 20-band equalizer which is tuned to maintain balanced audio for comfortable listening volumes.

Another new headset you may be interested in is the classy, light weight, in the ear Discovery 975.   This innovative, stylish unit has the WindSmart technology of the 510 plus the dual mic technology of the VoyagerPro; but that’s not all! It includes a sleek, rechargeable case providing triple talk & standby time.  On the outside of the case is a convenient display that shows your connection status and battery levels, to let you know if you are running low on your charge or talk time.

For more information about the latest in Plantronics Bluetooth technology, give us a call and one of our customer service specialists will be happy to assist you.  Our goal at Headsets Direct is to make sure you get the right headset for your individual needs and we back that up with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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  1. Hello –

    Do you know if the voyager pro (or any others) can use the desktop docking/charging station that came with my PLT 510? I am looking to upgrade but need to make sure that it still works with my phone. Thank you!

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