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Benefits of the Plantronics Savi Office Headsets compared to other Plantronics wireless units

What are the benefits of the Plantronics Savi Office Headsets compared to other Plantronics wireless units?

Benefits: The Savi family headsets offer the latest technology from Plantronics. These units integrate your desk phone and PC or your PC and cell phone with one wireless headset. The more popular model in the family of Plantronics Savi Office headsets is the WO100, this unit is installed on your desk phone and PC. Now you can listen to your music in-between your calls, talk over the internet using VoIP software such as Skype or listen to instructional videos without disturbing others around you. It gives you up to 350 ft range with 9 hrs of talk time. Up until now the most distance you could get out of a Plantronics wireless system was 300 ft. You will receive PerSono Suite software to manage your Savi unit on your desk top. The headset is very light weight and comes with an earloop and a headband. It offers a noise canceling microphone so you sound crisp and clear while on the phone. It provides a mute feature and volume controls, the base also has volume controls for your mic and your hearing needs. You can pair up to 4 headsets with one base for easy conference calling and mix the calls from your PC and phone. In the PerSono Software you will find adjustments  for the amount of battery life you will be using throughout the day for your environment and distance needs. Keep in mind that the high range for distance will use more battery life and low range will provide the most battery life for your Savi headsets.

The WO200 is another popular Plantronics Savi Office headset model for your desk phone and PC. The headset is an over the ear piece with earbuds that come in different sizes. This unit also provides you with up to 350 feet distance, with 6 hours of talk time (I put my headset back on the charger at lunch time and I have plenty of talk time to get me through my day). Other than the talk time and headset, it offers the same high-end features as the WO100.

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