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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Plantronics Savi

Brought to you by Headsets Direct, distributor of everything Plantronics

Savi is the name of one of the latest headset achievements from Plantronics, makers of quality communication headsets since 1962.  No, they weren’t there when Columbus discovered America, but they were there when Ned Armstrong uttered those somewhat-famous words: one small step on man, one giant step for corporate America (Ned was a stock broker on Wall Street in 2008).  By the way, they were with the other Armstrong on the moon too.

The Plantronics Savi includes, but is not limited to, the WO100, WO200, WG100B, WG200B, etc.  Today we’re going to focus on the WO200, one of the Savi models designed to be used with your phone AND computer.  Yes, unified communication has come of age with these beauties from Plantronics.  Check out our Blog to learn all about unified communication.  The Savi WO200 is their over-the-ear model designed for today’s professional, whether it’s the 20 floor high rise or your residential home office.

So what’s so special about the new Plantronics Savi that should make me spend that kind of money if I want to go wireless?  Well, three words: STYLING, VERSATILITY and PRODUCTIVITY.  Okay, so styling is subjective, but the sleek WO200 base has a small “footprint” on your desk so you can’t blame your clutter on this baby, and the equally sleek headpiece is designed for all day wear.  Versatility?  The Plantronics Savi was created with this word in mind.  It has a 350’ range, it has all the pieces you need to connect to your phone AND your computer (pc or laptop) so now you have different ways to communicate and, if you need to conference in a co-worker, you can pair up to FOUR headsets to the same base.  This brings us to our third point: productivity.  When you have the freedom to pull a file or find someone to ask a question while staying connected to your customer, when you don’t have wires to get in the way while you’re hands are free to take orders or write down important information, when a key client needs an answer now and you can seamlessly conference in others to close the deal, now that’s productivity!

You get all this and the Headsets Direct 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee. You can’t lose with this winning combination.  🙂

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