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Do you need a Plantronics headset when walking or jogging?

Problem: When I am out walking or jogging I love to listen to music, so I want a headset with great stereo sound, but I also want to be able to take calls on my cell phone.  What do you suggest?

Solution: Plantronics just came out with a headset that meets all your criteria – – -and then some!  The  Plantronics BackBeat wireless headset offers Altec Lansing sound technology for rich, full spectrum, stereo music.  It also has a bass-boost feature so you can enjoy the full dynamic range of your music.  There are actually two BackBeat models available.  The BackBeat 903 is compatible with the latest iPhone, iPod Touch, MP3 players, and cell phones, which support stereo Bluetooth.  The BackBeat 906 includes an adapter to stream music from iPods, MP3 players, portable CD players, computers and laptops that are not equipped with the Bluetooth A2DP stereo profile.

With the Plantronics BackBeat wireless headset, you can wirelessly stream and control music as you walk, run, work or play, and that’s not all! You will also experience exceptional call clarity, plus an improved ability to focus on your conversations, since you will be listening with both ears.  In addition, Dual-mic AudioIQ noise canceling technology will separate your voice from any background noise for your callers.

Alright; so far we have covered the quality and convenience of this unique headset.  Now let’s talk about BACKBEATSTYLE ! It has an awesome, flexible, neck band that goes behind your head. The dual stereo headsets fit discreetly behind both ears, so you will look sharp “doing any activity you are involved in”.  Concerned about comfort? Don’t be; BackBeat offers a three-way adjustment to provide a comfortable fit for almost anyone. If a friend approaches, the OpenMic button brings the outside world in, allowing conversations with those around you.  Plus, this dynamic unit provides up to 7 hours of listening pleasure or talk time from each charge.  When you are finished with your headset, just fold it up and tuck it away for the next time.

For more information about the Plantronics BackBeat wireless headset or any other Plantronics headset, call Headsets Direct and talk to one of our trained headset professionals.

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