Great solution to train new employees with wireless & corded headsets.

Problem: Do you offer any way to train a new employee if we are using wireless headsets or a mixture of wireless and corded headsets?

Yes, we do carry a wireless headset training adapter (part number 03929-63). This unit was developed and designed by Headsets Direct and sells for only $39.95. Prior to the Wireless Headset Training Adapter, training required both users to sit next to each other while using corded headsets. With this unit you can have two people on the phone at the same time and in two different locations while your trainee is listening in to the conversation (headset has to be within range of base and both bases will be on one desk connected to one phone). The wireless headset training adapter also works great for conference calls and it is a great device for an individual that wants the freedom and mobility of a wireless headset while monitoring a new trainee. Also works great for companies that are running multiple shifts, because you are able to have two or more wireless headset systems connected to the telephone at the same time. However if you are using a handset lifter, you will need to plug it into whichever individual’s headset system that is being used to work properly.  So while using one wireless unit, the other unit can be charging for the second shift users (very popular with hospitals).

Wireless Solutions: Most of the Plantronics wireless systems will work, like the older CA10/CS10, CS50 or newer CS55, CS351N, CS361N, CS70N or the 510S, (CT12, CT14 and the CalistoPro are not compatible with the wireless training adapter).This training adapter is compatible with the new Savi wireless systems, just make sure both of the Savi bases are on setting A. Simply plug two wireless systems into the wireless training adapter. There are two mute buttons on the top of the adapter; either or both microphones can be muted with a push of a button to provide listen-only capabilities, so basically whatever configuration you might need. Use setting 2 on the back of the training adapter for this configuration.

Corded Solutions: You are not limited to wireless headsets when using this training adapter, most of Plantronics corded headsets along with a Plantronics vista amplifier will work with the wireless training adapter. You can also use one wireless headset system and a vista amplifier along with an H-series headset. Plug a wireless unit into “A” and any of the older or newer vista amplifiers into “B”. The training adapter needs to be on setting 2 on the back of the training adapter for this configuration.

Corded Headset Systems Solutions: If you have an office system like an S10, S11, S12, T10 or T20 in your office, the wireless training device will work just fine with those units as well. Leave your unit plugged into the phone (as is) and plug the wireless training adapter into the headset jack on your base, then plug two headsets into the wireless training adapter A & B. You will use setting 1 on the back of the training adapter for this configuration, because you are using two headsets with one base.

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