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Wireless headsets for 911 center consoles – CA12 C/D

Problem: We have quite a few 911 centers calling and asking about wireless headsets for their consoles.

Solutions: One of the first questions we ask our customers is: are you using a 4 wire or 6 wire application?

If you are using a 4-wire application and would like to use a wireless system, the first thing you will need is a Plantronics 18709-01 (PJ327) this is a 2-Prong to Modular Adapter. (Headsets Direct sells them for $19.95). With this adapter you can now choose a wireless system of your choice. Like the CS55, CS70N, CS351N or CS361N. Just keep in mind you cannot answer remotely by using your wireless system. You must answer on the console first then push the headset button on your wireless system to take the call. Once you have the call, you now have up to a 300’ range from the base of the Plantronics wireless system and you are hands free.

If you are using a 6-wire application, the CA12CD wireless headset is the choice for you. You will also need to choose an H-series headset to use with the CA12CD wireless headset base. There are many choices of headsets to choose from on the Headsets Direct website. This system comes with a dual battery pack and two charging wells; one for the remote unit while the other facilitates charging the extra battery pack (supplied with unit). It runs on DECT 1.9GHz. It has a push-to-talk amplifier for 6-wire applications and a  2-prong PJ-7 connector (equivalent to WE-425) It has Digital (DECT™) technology operating in the 1.9GHz radio band to provide superior voice clarity and security. Lithium-Ion battery packs provide longer talk time (approximately 8 hours) and faster recharge rates. Just a note here, Plantronics recommends using the first battery for the first half of a shift and then replacing it with a fresh battery for the second half. This will prolong the life of the batteries.  It also has a robust PTT switch with selectable locking/non‐Locking operational modes. The push to talk amplifier has a quick disconnect feature to be used with the Plantronics H Series headset tops.  The CA12CD wireless headset comes with a 1year warranty. The H-series headsets have a 2 year warranty.

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  1. looking for someone who sells parts for the hand set the push to talk set (the wire that comes out the top it tends to brake its made to unplug from in side but i cant find anyone who sells the wire everyone say replace the whole thing i ask why if it works ..
    thank you

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