If you need a headset for your cell phone and office desk phone…the Plantronics 510S

If you need a headset for your cell phone and office desk phone, the Plantronics 510S Bluetooth headset may be your answer.

Problem: I am looking for one headset that will work with both my Bluetooth cell phone and my office desk phone. Is there such a thing?

Solution: The Plantronics 510S Bluetooth Headset will work with your office phone and your Bluetooth device, such as a Bluetooth cell phone. This system will answer either phone that is ringing but it will not allow you to switch back and forth between the two phones without ending the current call you are on first. At the office you will use your charging base to charge the headset. The Plantronics 510S Bluetooth headset also comes with an AC charger for charging the 510 headset at home or you can pick up different charging adapters for the 510 headset. The headset folds up for quick and easy storage. There is also a carrying case for the headset for when you want to tuck it away in your pocket or purse. The case is sold separately for $14.95. Headsets Direct carries all the 510S accessories if you find yourself needing anything else. The base of the Plantronics 510S Bluetooth headset will also let you link a different Bluetooth to it, so you are not limited to the 510 headset. It is very unique this way. Just keep in mind; you can only have 2 devises linked to the base at any one time. The Plantronics 510S is a Bluetooth device, so you will only have 33’ distance from the office phone or your cell phone. The unit gives you 6 hrs of talk time throughout your day. It comes with a one year warranty.

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