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The Problem: My Plantronics Polaris Headsets have been Discontinued….Now what? The Solution: Plantronics H-series Headset and A10 Cable

A customer recently called with panic in his voice as he started explaining his office has been using the Plantronics Polaris (P-series) headsets for many years, with great success, but he read online that the Polaris line has been discontinued.

The advantage of the Polaris headsets is that an amplifier wasn’t required which makes them less expensive (also takes up less desk space) and it came with a bottom, direct connect cable. For the new solution you will select any Plantronics H-series Headset and an A10 cable (part #66268-03) keeping your price low and working the same way.

You will want to make sure of one thing… keep the H-series headset and A10 cable together and don’t allow mixing of Polaris headsets and the Polaris bottom cable.  The reason is a little technical…. but here goes.  The Polaris headset had amplification built into the headset.  The bottom cable had no power or electronics.  With the new solution, the opposite happens.  The amplification is built into the A10 cable and not the H-series headset.  Now you can take a standard H-series headset (which is typically a stock item being 100 times more popular then P-series Polaris headsets) and add either an amplifier, A10 cable or other bottom cable that’s compatible with specific phones.  At the end of the day, the solution is the same with a headset and bottom cable, it’s just powered different and more universally acceptable now and also allows for less expensive upgrades if you change your phone system because now you keep the same headset and change out the bottom cable or amplifier.

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