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Plantronics Calisto Pro Troubleshooting- Pairing with a new headset

Pairing with a new headset: Your Plantronics Calisto Pro can be used with other Plantronics Bluetooth headsets. You can pair only one headset at a time with the Calisto handset. Please note that other headsets may not behave the same or offer all the same features as the Calisto headset.

1. On the main screen, press Menu (left soft key).

2. Use the navigator to scroll down and highlight Initial Setup, and press Select (right soft key).

3. Highlight Headset/Base, and press Select (right soft key).

4. Highlight Pair New Headset, and press Select (right soft key).

5. Select either of the following options:


Remove Headset: To manually remove a headset, highlight this option, press Select

(right soft key), and then press Delete (right soft key).


Pair Headset: To pair with a new headset, or to re-pair with your original headset if the icon is 

consistently displayed on the screen (see “Troubleshooting” on page042 of the user guide), highlight this option, press Select (right soft

key), and follow the onscreen instructions. The steps are the same as in “Pairing your Calisto headset with your mobile phone” on page 12 (see steps 2 and 4).

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