Plantronics EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) Adapters

Used with Plantronics wireless headset systems for integrated remote one-touch answer and hang up, the Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) Adapters just simply plugs into the headset jack on the telephone and takes the place of an HL10 Handset Lifter.  So the Plantronics EHS Adapters can be used on certain phone models instead of an HL10.   

Please be aware that these are phone model specific!

Plantronics makes 2 different EHS versions for their “regular” wireless office systems, the APC-4 (37978-01) for certain Cisco phones and  the APP-5 (38438-01) for certain Polycom phones.  These EHS Adapters will work with the Plantronics “CS” wireless headset models such as the CS55, CS70N, CS351N, CS361N, etc.  And phone compatibility is as follows:

APC-4 (37978-01) for Cisco phone models:
 7975G, 7965G, 7945G, 7962G, and 7942G.

APP-5 (38438-01) for Polycom phone models:
Unified IP Phone 320, 330, 430, 550, 560, 650, 670.

Plantronics also makes a line of EHS Adapters that are specifically designed for the Savi Office models (WO100 / WO200).  These EHS Adapters will not work with the “CS” wireless headset models, only compatible with Savi! EHS models and phone compatibility is as follows:

APS-10 (37818-01) for Siemens phone models:
OpenStage 40, OpenStage 60, OpenStage 80, Optipoint 410 with acoustic adaptor, Optipoint 420 with acoustic adaptor, Optipoint 500 with acoustic adaptor, Optipoint 600 with acoustic adaptor.

APA-20 (37819-01) for Alcatel phone models: 
IP Touch 4028, IP Touch 4038, IP Touch 4068, Touch 4029, Touch 4039

APT-30 (37820-01) for Avaya Gmbh Tenovis models:
T3 Classic with Interface Adapter, T3 Classic with Interface Adapter, TH13, TM13, Avaya 1608, 1616, 9620, 9630, 9640, 9650 Series Telephones

APC-40 (38350-01) for Cisco phone models:
7942G, 7945G, 7962G, 7965G, 7975G

APP-50 (38439-01) for Polycom phone models:
oundPoint® IP 320*, SoundPoint® IP 330*, SoundPoint® IP 430, SoundPoint® IP 450, SoundPoint® IP 550, SoundPoint® IP 560, SoundPoint® IP 650, SoundPoint® IP 670

APV-60 (38666-01) for certain Avaya phone models:
Avaya 2420, 4610SW, 4620, 4620SW, 4621SW, 4622SW, 4625SW, 4630SW, 5420, 5610, 5620*, Avaya 2410, 4630, 5410, 6416 D+M, 6424 D+M

APV-65 (38633-01) for certain Avaya phones with EU24:
Avaya 2420*, 4610SW, 4620, 4620SW, 46SW, 4622SW, 4625SW, 4630SW, 5420, 5610 and 5620 Telephones

As always, please check compatibility.  The EHS Adapters are not universal.

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