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Plantronics Wireless Headsets Leading Industry Innovation:

Plantronics, known for their innovation in the headset industry, offers an exceptional line of wireless headsets. Their ease of use, reliability and comfort, and iron-clad industry warranty allows for easy adoption with just about any phone system. Whether it’s the proven CS series or the latest Savi Office series, you’re sure to find a model to fit your specific needs. And don’t forget that Plantronics offers a full line of wireless headsets for mobile, computer, 911 dispatching and the home office.


Customer Testimonial - Benefits of a wireless headset you may not think of:


The Evolution of Plantronics Wireless Headsets:

As technology continues to improve our world, wireless headsets are no exception.  In the beginning, wireless headsets required a remote unit clipped to your belt and a cable running to the headset (Plantronics CS10).  It was truly wireless from the base, but you still felt tethered to a remote unit.  The biggest advancement of wireless office headsets came when the electronics and battery became small enough to be completely contained in the headset.  For the first time, a completely wireless headset existed with the CS50.  The CS50 wireless headset exceeded expectations from Plantronics, and popularity went through the roof.  The Plantronics CS55 wireless headset upgraded the CS50 being built on the 1.9MHz voice dedicated frequency to improve clarity and audio quality.  Up to this point most wireless headsets were convertibles, meaning you could choose between over-the-ear and over-the-head wearing styles. 

As Plantronics moved into the CS55 generation of wireless headsets, they started manufacturing a heavy duty version in a monaural (Plantronics CS351N) and binaural (Plantronics CS361N) design.  A small over-the-ear model was introduced, Plantronics CS70N, which was promoted as the executive wireless headset.  The next big step in the wireless headset industry occurred with the release of the Savi series.  The Savi wireless headset came in four models, but for the first time allowed a user to connect one headset to both an office phone and a computer.  You no longer needed multiple headsets lying around your office.  You could now take land line calls, listen to webinars and training videos, and have one primary device for VoIP applications through your computer, all with one headset. 

A recent upgrade to the Savi wireless headset now adds the connection to your Bluetooth mobile phones.  With one headset you can connect your desk phone, computer, and mobile phone, eliminating the need for any additional wireless headsets in a typical office environment; simplification at its best in the wireless headset industry.  Plantronics continues to improve the battery life, extend the distance, and decrease the weight of their industry-leading wireless office headsets.

When using wireless headsets, you will also want to consider using a handset lifter or electronic hook-switch cable (EHS).  The addition of a handset lifter or electronic hook-switch cable (EHS) will provide an alert in your wireless headset when you have an incoming call.  You will hear beeps in your wireless headset ear piece indicating a call, and with the press of a button on the wireless headset, you can take your call remotely and avoid missing calls to voice mail.  This is a huge productivity booster by not playing phone tag with callers and wasting time dialing into and listening to voice mail messages.  The handset lifter and electronic hook-switch cable (EHS) is an optional accessory available for most wireless headsets, and is definitely worth the investment to maximize the value you receive from your wireless headset.

With wireless headsets you gain the freedom to roam your office while talking to your caller.  You can confer with co-workers, fax documents, or look up reference material, to name a few of the benefits of being wireless, while continuing to talk with your caller.

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