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Plantronics USB Adapters for Corded Headsets

Posted on September 26, 2012 by HDI There have been 0 comments


*Wideband Audio for clear natural speech and lower listener fatigue

*DSP = Digital Signal Protocol

*Quick Disconnect Feature



*Wideband Audio for clear natural speech and lower listener fatigue

*DSP = Digital Signal Protocol

*Echo Management for natural conversations

*Inline Control for volume, mute, and answer/end calls with LED indicator

*Quick Disconnect Feature


DA55 Upgrade Kit:

*The kit upgrades the DA55 to a DA60 by providing inline volume and mute controls and PerSono Pro 2.0 software to call center agents and supervisors for unparalleled control of voice and audio quality.



*DSP = Digital Signal Protocol

*Inline Control for volume, mute, and answer/end calls with LED indicator

*Clearline Audio reduces the level of loud noise on incoming calls to a comfortable level

*Quick Disconnect Feature

*PerSono Pro Software:

1. Software enhancement for use with DA60

2. Provides tone control of headset’s audio

3. Gives administrator the option to disable headset mute and volume controls

4. It equalizes headset setting for optimal audio performance

5. Tracks agent noise exposure to ensure compliance with workplace safety standards

6. Secures customer information when agents leave their workstations

7. Displays transmit & receive volume to verify customer experience



DSP:  In Plantronics products, DSP refers to computer headsets that connect via the USB port rather than the computer's sound card.

Wideband:  Utilizes more than twice the audio bandwidth of conventional telephony to greatly enhance intelligibility.

Echo Management: VoIP is susceptible to delays; the echo management feature reduces audio issues due to these delays.

Clearline:  An audio technology used for superior call clarity that is featured in some of the Plantronics products. It is compatible with traditional phones and headsets as well as wideband VoIP phones and headsets. It provides advanced echo management, delivers consistent and comfortable call volume, reduces background noise, and protects against loud noises.

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